Xavi’s performance journey began his freshman year of high school in the city of San Bernardino, when his older sister dragged him to the spring musical auditions. After getting cast in the show and dropped into the world of performance he knew that he could never leave again. What others had considered “ghetto” was the norm for Xavi. School funding for the arts was almost non-existent therefore forcing him and his fellow colleagues to create original shows, as well as work car washes in order to raise money for set supplies. Creating passionate work from nothing was a skill he always carried with unending pride.


Several years later he began his studies at the University of California, Irvine which was a complete culture shock to what he was used to in San Bernardino. Coming from a place where he with no experience made his sets to perform on,  Xavi found the idea of safety regulations jarring and foreign.  Within his first year at UCI, he  learned the ins and outs of this new world, became a stage manager, and even had an award created for him that is now given yearly. As soon as he made his place known he began showcasing his love for performing which would lead him to places he would only dream about.


Currently he continues spending his time studying at UC Irvine working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Drama. Since beginning his studies there he has had opportunities studying his passion in New York City, in London with RADA, Arts Ed, the Globe, and created a collaborative performance piece with Oxfam Italia in Florence.


In the spring of 2018, he graduated from UC Irvine with Honors in Drama and is continuing his work in Los Angeles.